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Supply List

Dulaney Supply List 2024-2025

In addition to the following art kit and optional supplies, students may feel the need from time to time to find materials specific to their course specialization, project ideas, and interests.  Class supply donations are always appreciated, especially interesting papers, tapes, glues, or crafting items.  We recycle and repurpose.  If you want things to be designated as yours, make sure to label them and put them in your hall locker (nonart courses) or the bin provided in the art classroom (art students only). WE WILL HAVE TABLE BINS OF SHARED SUPPLIES AS LONG AS THEY ARE RESPECTED, but ALL STUDENTS need to have their OWN SUPPLY of each of the following at all times:

General Supplies for all Courses

blue or black pen, red pen for corrections, pencil, hghlighter, folder with brads and pockets, notebook paper, eraser



 markers, glue stick or school glue, post-it notes, colored pencils, scissors, small hand pencil sharpener, personal tissues, personal hand sanitizer, and headphones/earbuds for personal videos

(1 pre-approved device for online lessons and camera for project photographs is acceptable (per district policy)


Creative Elective Course Specific Supplies:

The following lists items for specific supplies needed per course.

Photography and Animation are offered as Art and CTE Courses; the supply list for Technology is used for both options.


Credit Recovery: Edmentum



JH and HS Art

(1) 100 sheet 65# Sketchbook 8” minimum and 11” maximum size in any direction

(1) Graphite 2B Drawing Pencil

(1) Graphite 4H Drawing Pencil

(1) Synthetic Sable Angle Shader ½” Brush

(1) Synthetic Sable Round #8 Brush

(1) White Vinyl Eraser

(1) 12” x 16” Mesh Zippered Bag for Art Supplies (optional, but comes with kit)

OR you may buy the entire set ABOVE for only $25.00 through the Art Department, see notes on last page)


(1) oversized shirt or smock

(1) eraser shield

(1) ruler

(1) blending #4 stump (or baggie of Q-tips)


HS Art I Only:  Bring any old books that are textbook sized (roughly 9” x 12” x 3”) that you might consider tearing apart for images or basic “bones”of an altered book. Extras?  Bring them for others.


8th Grade Theater

(1) two pocket folder or 1-2” binder

(1) oversized shirt or smock

(1) makeup brush

(1) package of makeup sponges (triangle)

(1) eyebrow pencil black

(1) comb and brush

(1) package hair ties &/or bobby pins

(1) container makeup remover (any brand or type)

(1) foundation (2 shades darker than skin match)

(1) blush, powder form (one shade darker than skin match)

(1) lipstick (one shade darker than you might normally wear)

OPTIONAL: concealer, lip liner, eyelash curler, eyeliner

Container for all of the above

Makeup supplies do not need to be purchased new, but any liquid-based supplies should be no older than one year old.  Students will not share makeup, so need to bring their own.  Puppet creation and costume creation may require further supplies yet to be determined. Purchase of Halloween makeup to create a particular character may be substituted for the makeup above, so long as there is enough for three days of variation in the application.


JH & HS Technology (CTE)

(1) two pocket folder or 1-2” binder

(1) thumb drive or DVD-RW if you do not have internet at home