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Joelle Dulaney

to Dulaney Online and In-Room Classrooms 2020-2021

Students:  Hopefully everyone is staying healthy, washing well,  masking up, and socially distancing.  It is important to stay in communication weekly and to show effort toward maintaining what you have learned so far.  Every grade level has an assigned contact teacher so you will rarely get phone calls from me directly.  This is to reduce the pressure of getting calls from every content area teacher that your student has.  I look forward to helping each of you attain your personal goals and finding new ideas and interests to pursue.  We can still continue to explore and create so much together whether in or out of the classroom.

Parents:  There are three ways to stay informed about your child's progress before a call or email to the teachers and once signed in, each can be auto-connected to your favorite device(s).

1.  E-Notes

Make sure to go to the E-notes below to get messages from time to time sent to you by text or email related to class activities and deadlines.  Each teacher has their own e-notes, so be sure to sign on to the main e-notes for RISD for district notifications as well as each teacher that your child has for classes.  E-Notes are also subdivided into individual classes, so register for all classes to get class specific announcements.  Otherwise, you will only get general messages sent to all of that teacher's classes, rather than something specific.  I use E-Notes for everyone and Google Classroom for specific classes.

2. Google Classroom

I use Google Classroom to communicate with students and parents on specific class information, so please register as a parent to keep informed there as well.  I will give you a parent code either by personal e-mail (or when not in a pandemic in person) that will grant you access.  Please e-mail me with a request for this after your child is signed in.  Google Classroom will allow your child to store projects from computers at school with devices at home or anywhere with wifi, so that they and you can see assignments anywhere.  Many homework and test communications will be posted on Google Classroom and extra helps and videos will be posted there as well.  Grades in Google Classroom are not a total grade for the district because not all of our work is done online.

3.  Gradebook

Thirdly, make sure that you get an access code from Naomi Chance to get alerts from Gradebook related to attendance and grades.  I enter detailed information which can be accessed by clicking on the grade numbers that are underlined in Gradebook.  During the pandemic, Gradebook was “frozen” and this may occur again if things return to lockdown for some reason.

In addition here are some links to websites with materials to assist students in their own learning:

Boardworks (All Content Areas):

Discovery Education (All Content Areas):

Edmentum (Credit Recovery):

Symbaloo (All Content Areas):

Stetleon (Spanish):

Study Island (Core Subjects):

Texas Home Learning (Core Subjects):

ThinkCentral includes online text:

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