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Joelle Dulaney

Art, 7th Science, Theater, A+ & Spanish Proctor

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About Me

Educational History:

I attended Worthington HS in central Ohio for most of my teen years, but moved my senior year to Anderson HS near Cincinnati, where I graduated in 1977.  In those days we did not classify school sizes the same way, but both schools were at least 4A sized schools.  I matriculated from Miami University in 1981 with a degree in Housing and Interior Design after dabbling first in an Art degree and then an English degree.  Miami is a small public University in Ohio named after a Native American tribe.  Many years later, I attended Ashland University in Ohio to become a teacher, but completed the certification process through the Texas Alternative Certification process, which was more workable for a divorced Mom with a job such as myself.  I earned my Science Teacher Mentorship through Region 6 ESC and am studying to take additional certifications so that we can offer more classes for our students at Richards.  I continue to love learning through Professional Development opportunities and eventually hope to earn my Masters Degree.

Degrees and Certifications:

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Housing and Interior Design in 1981 from Miami University (Ohio).  I am Texas certified in Art (PreK-12), Journalism, 4-8 Generalist, GT, CTE (Tech Ed) and will take the Theater test soon.  I am certified as a Science Teacher Mentor through the Texas Regional Collaborative and am a SymbalooEDU certified educator.  I have presented at Art, Science, and Technology Conferences to help other teachers.

Professional Development:

It is difficult to list ALL of the Professional Development I have attended over the years, but I can post the most recent district PD as well as major conferences I have attended or where I have been a presenter:  

RISD Inservice and to date 20 EduHero Trainings

Have attended and been a presenter at TAEA State Conference three times and attended Council at Large Meetings
Have attended and been a presenter for Science:  CAST/mini-CAST, TRC Annual Meeting
Have attended TRC Trainer of Trainers:  Biology Roundtable
Have attended and been a presenter for Art:  BVAEA Monthly Meetings & Region 6 Art Conference
Have attended and been a presenter for Technology:  Region 6 Tech Conferences



Current Position:

I am thrilled to be teaching here at Richards for a 14th year (since the fall of 2006) and currently have 18 fabulous classes each day including:  7th grade Science, 7th grade Art/Theater, several sessions of HS Art I,II, II, & IV (Animation, Drawing, Painting, & Sculpture have been chosen by students this year), HS Theater; and, I am proctoring several sessions of Spanish I, II, II, plus A+/Credit Recovery.  Second semester 7th grade Art will become 7th grade Theatre.  8th grade & HS students who want to enter competitions for Art may continue to do so and may submit artwork for our end of the year district art show, but if entering VASE competition, must create their art in my presence.  So, come talk to me about how we can make that happen if you are interested. I will again serve as the UIL OAP Director and will encourage 8th graders and HS students to participate even if they are not currently taking Theater or Tech/CTE classes.  Additionally, I have served on both the GT Committee and Technology Committee.  

Previous Position:

I have been "teaching unofficially" most of my life and feel that we are all teachers and learners, but professionally, I taught first as an Art Instructor for the City of Dublin, Ohio about twenty years ago.  I caught the teaching bug and have loved it ever since.  Prior to teaching at Richards, I taught in Hilliard (OH), Dallas and Highland Park (TX) and a charter school in both Oak Cliff and Waxahachie called Faith Family Academy (also TX), with the latter two locations occurring immediately before RISD.  If you go back far enough, I was a commercial interior designer with a Pittsburgh (PA) design firm, supported my husband's laser physics business (LSP Technologies) in Dublin (OH), and took some time off to be a stay-at-home Mom when my daughter was small, doing an in-home daycare and Discovery Toys among many other side ventures.  All of these diverse experiences have helped me to be a better teacher and make me compassionate toward the various circumstances and situations that require modification or flexibility in teaching situations.  Civic responsibility is important to me and throughout the years I have volunteered at food banks, “Big Sis” Program, church (Hearts and Hammers, Sunday School, etc.), various volunteer “judge” positions for sports and academic events, Richards VFD events, and various school committees (room parent, teacher recognition, displays, and events) and these have made me keenly aware and thankful  to be a part of this close community.

Family Information:

I have been divorced for almost twenty years but was married for about the same amount of time through the 1980s and '90s to a brilliant physicist and inventor.  We married at the end of our Junior year in college.  We have one child.  Our daughter, Bobbi was born in Hilliard, OH in 1987.  She lives in Oakland (CA) with her husband Jeremy, and my “granddog” Ruby.  Most of you know Bobbi from her visits to Richards (solo hooping demonstration and circus visit with aerial tissue), but you may not know that her degree is in film editing and that she works for a company called “Sunbasket”.  Jeremy works with algorithms related to charity organizations.  I have moved back in with my elderly parents to take care of them and so now live in Montgomery.  My Dad was in the Navy and was a Civil Engineer & Officer, City Manager, and then entrepreneur.  Mom was a teacher, administrator, and then manager for United Way.  Both parents have traveled to about 100 countries after retirement.  I have two younger brothers, one a Biomedical Engineer in Katy and the other a School Psychologist in Cincinnati.  I love animals and have had just about every small pet imaginable, which is why I do not currently plan to have one as long as I cannot devote the time and love a pet needs to it.  My last pet was a very sweet Bischon Frise who lived to 14 years old.  But, he was quite lonely when I was away at school and I do not want to put an animal in that situation while I am devoting long hours to my students and my parents.  (So, while I would LOVE to see your new litter of puppies or kitties, I am sorry that I unable to adopt them).  I love the outdoors, but with asthma and allergies need to limit my hikes to summer, and during spring and fall just enjoy looking through windows at it.

Personal Information:

I love to travel (summer of 2019 to Florence Italy), learn new things, and have many hobbies (rock collecting, cooking, writing, puzzles, etc).  If there were a way to spend my life attending conferences to meet new people in new places while learning new things, I would probably do that.  I enjoy creating art, volunteering, trying out new computer technology, and doing crossword or picture puzzles.  I grew up in a family that often did themed events in the summer as a travel reunion.  We also play games, challenge each other with brain teasers, and do picture puzzles together regularly.  I go to plays and concerts and attend home Panthers sporting events when I can.  I do yoga in fits and starts or walk/use a stepper and enjoy the peace it brings when I finish, but have a tough time starting.  I help my parents with secretarial work by typing and giving tech assistance as needed and have done a lot of genealogy, especially enjoying the stories of people of the past.


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